Monday, September 18, 2017

A Brand New Book!!

Be Nice to the Weather Guy, by Josh Judge is going to make your reading time much more fun!
His New England Christmas Story is ready for pre order and Josh will be appearing throughout New England to sign his books.  You can also order a signed copy directly from the website,

As the illustrator it was so much fun to work with Josh and his wife Diane. They are both full of fun and so is Josh's book.  Just when you think you have the weather all figured out.... SURPRISE!

But perhaps one of the best things about this book is that Josh is donating ALL the proceeds of the book to the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock, NH or CHaD as many know it.

Monday, September 4, 2017

This past month I had considered the option of opening an ETSY shop. Because there has been interest in my prints I decided to go ahead and just do it.
The new shop will feature original prints from work I have created as stand alone paintings, or from books I have written and illustrated.

All prints will be mailed in sturdy, flat mailers to prevent curling and tearing.  I will be adding new images from time to time and will also consider custom orders.  You can read a bit more about me and how I work on the site. GINGERNIELSON

My website will link to some of the newer additions on the STORE page.

As an experiment I am also putting together some digital collages and designs I have created. ( little by little)

Take time to visit ETSY and search for many wonderful handmade, original, vintage, and timeless objects and prints from all over.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Update to Website

Some things are working and some are not. But as I try to figure out the problems I will keep at it.

I really want to add the STORE page, but right now the server is not cooperating.  Of course that could mean I need to approach the learning curve differently.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Fly Butterfly by Brian Halla is the true story of the newest adventure of the twins, Gabe and Abby.
Their story involves the friendship with a caterpillar and the days that follow.  As they search for their friend, "Buster" they witness the changes that take place in the life cycle of a Black Swallowtail.
A dangerous situation for the newly emerged butterfly involves a timely rescue and successful release.

The book will be released through and other outlets as well as in your independent bookstore. The ISBN  978-0-692-78023-7 or the title will be enough for your bookseller to find the book.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Help us "END 68 HOURS of HUNGER" for children

A word or two about the Coloring Book for All Ages:

Our church is producing a coloring book for families to enjoy together.
The purpose of the book is to raise funds for END 68 HOURS of HUNGER. That is the 68 hours from the time a child receives a free lunch on Friday until the time that child gets a free breakfast on Monday morning during the school year. Unfortunately too many children in America are in this category. Our book is designed with families in mind, and is not necessarily a religious book, but more of some of the life sharing events we experience.
Think about yard sales,toys and games, Sunday School lessons, a visit to the Heifer International Farm, lemonade on the lawn, and flowers on the front porch.

This fall we will begin selling our books at our church and online. Any book purchased directly from us will generate $10.00 to the program. Any book purchased online will generate royalties that will also go to the program. If anyone wants a book, once they are printed I will be happy to mail one to you and make sure the money goes directly to the program.

The line drawings range from easy to more complicated and all are family friendly. They are not the typical flowery, design oriented, mass produced images. They are images from our daily life, and from church life in general. There are pages that feature nature, children, adults, events and gatherings that families enjoy. There is a small section of very easy to color pages for young children based upon the Bible story of the 7 days of creation.

Our cover is an original watercolor painting by our resident-Artist, Pastor Bob Maronne. For that cover alone I would buy a book. In fact I plan to buy a number of these to send to friends and family.

Knowing that each book represents meals for a child who needs that nourishment makes it a very worthwhile purchase.

The books will arrive at our church in September. They will be sold with crayons and colored pencils included for the first 100 books sold.
If you want one of these first addition copies, email me and I will make sure you get your book and the children will benefit from your donation. My Contact:
The sales will begin in our church and the mailed out books are on a first come first served basis.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gunther's newest adventure is now available on Amazon and in any and all bookstores by asking for the title, or giving the ISBN number. ISBN-13: 978-1499600513

Once Gunther hears the whale song of danger he first gets permission from his mom to go investigate.

Once she agrees, he is off on his excellent adventure. But first
he needs to find his swim fins from his last trip out to sea.

Following along are many fish all of whom are also curious to see what caused so much trouble.
The whale song can be heard for miles and it says, "Danger, Danger, Danger1"

Gunther's old friend, "Big Blue," the largest of the blue whale family is calling for help.

Even with the best intentions, Gunther finds himself unable to complete the task for Big Blue and must fight a storm at sea and hope for some help from below the tossing waves.

Because it is Gunther's adventure, I won't tell you any more, but hope you will decide to find the book and read it for yourself.  You have to know that if Gunther the Underwater elephant is involved there will certainly be a happy ending.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ah, you are looking for an Illustrator for your book ....

There are a few times a week that I will get an email or phone call about my rates or availability for children's book illustrations.  Sometimes these come from publishers and sometimes they come from those who wish to self publish.  In any case, it is wise to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators or SCBWI.

Each time I try to craft a personal reply to the person and each time I find myself answering the same questions, but in different ways.  Here are some things that will help those who are planning to hire an illustrator for their self published or trade book published book.

1. If you have a finished, edited, and great manuscript, by all means, submit
    it to a trade book publisher. They will pay you in some form, hire and pay the best printers and
    help you market your book. You do NOT need any illustrations to submit your manuscript
    unless you are also the illustrator.

2. To find out who might be the best publisher for your book, get a copy of the
    Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market.  It is published each year and always available on
    This volume lists all interested publishers, their contacts, their terms and what they are looking for.
    It also includes international markets, magazines, contests, agents and wonderful articles
    from artists and authors as well as publishers and editors.

3. If you have been through the process and months have gone by with rejections 
    and you feel your work is so good that it must be seen, you may choose to self  
    This is a leap of faith.  You will be choosing your illustrator, paying a fair market price for the
    artwork, paying to have the book  printed, paying for design and book layout, paying for  
    distribution, paying for any marketing and doing your own sales wherever you can find a
    venue. Your indie bookstore may or may not, host a signing. You may market your books at
    the outdoor market places, or at events that you set up. Some schools have book nights where
    you can sell your books.

4. When you hire an illustrator remember that you are hiring a professional. You need
    to be prepared to pay a fair market price. Depending upon the length of time it will take to
    illustrate your book, the amount of research needed, and any unusual requests you may have
    you will pay a rate that could be several thousand dollars or many thousands of dollars.

5. My illustration costs for self publishers are shared with them after I have
    seen either the whole finished and properly edited manuscript or at least a detailed outline of
    the work.
    I ask that so I can determine if my skills will match the content of the work, and if
    I can do my best work for the client.  Because I can also do the layout, create the PDF for
    the printer and provide full color cover and interior artwork my rates are based on those factors.

6. A contract is issued with payment dates, artwork dates, copyright restrictions for
    both the author and the illustrator. Work can take from 3 to 6 or 7 months to complete.
    Stages of the work are paid for in sections as the work is completed and approved.

7.) Any artwork that has been finished and approved by the author is final.
     However, if changes are made after the final approval a fee per hour for any changes will apply.

8.) Getting a trade book publisher to acquire
     your book is a long process but will be to your
     best advantage.

9.)  Should you decide to self publish your work contact
      the llustrator of your choice and together create a contract
      that is fair for both parties.

10. Click on the image of Gunther the Underwater Elephant to see         some of the books I have illustrated.